From the heart, to the head to the hand. That’s how we grow. We are inspired by beauty, creativity, music, art, crisis or cause and it stirs us to think about life, meaning, purpose and how we see the world. Our minds are renewed our perspectives altered through knowledge, understanding, insight, revelation, discovery. How we think and see the world determines how we live, act, behave, work, give, respond, react, craft and create. Our hands are put to action by how we think and feel.


Our heart is seen when our character and emotions are exposed by our words, body language, actions.


Our head is seen when we speak our minds, known thereby to be either wise or fool. When we improvise, initiate and implement we show insight, intellect and experience.


Our hand is seen when we show our cards, when we put to work our convictions, our motives, intent, impulse. We show who we truly are through gestures, we project our heart and head in micro expressions, shrugs, flinches and glances. We tell as we do. Our actions speak. Our words say more than they mean. Our action is an expression of our faith, love, peace, grace and truth; everything! Actions trump everything, but cause pain and chaos if our hearts and heads are not pure and wise.



  1. What are some things that have recently stirred your heart with a strong conviction to act?
  2. Have you ever had a radical revelation that changed the way you feel about your life and therefore changed a behavior or practice at home or work?
  3. What actions do you need to take to grow in character and wisdom?


Lord Jesus, I know that you want my heart, head and hands. I pray that you would heal my heart, make it whole, that you would help me to gaurd my heart, renew my mind according to your truth and empower me to be your hands, feet, body; a physical representation of You to the world.

In Jesus Name. AMEN.


Reading God’s Word, intentionally and daily walking with and partnering with the Holy Spirit and consistent prayer are the keys to growing from the heart, to the head, to the hand.

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