What does it mean to be a good HOST? Hospitality is like stewardship! Where we are called to faithfully steward the wealth and talents that God has entrusted to us, we are also called to faithfully serve the people God puts in our lives. An acrostic to help us be a good HOST:

1. Have a HEART for People: We need to have a big heart for God and His People; it’s the Great Commandment. If we get God’s heart we will have His Extravagant Love for People1 John 4:19 says we love because He first loved us. (Read 1 John 4 to be stirred by God’s perfect love).

2. Open your Homes: Our spiritual homes which are our local churches, our small groups, our own homes, and even as we huddle together within a crowd – any place where we are able to open up our space to other people, to come in, and feel welcome and at home.

3. Serve People: Whether with food, drinks or ministry in general, we need to serve people with the extravagant love and compassion that Jesus modeled for us. It’s through serving that we become a Resource to Others and we Touch the World.

But, these three points would be absolutely purposeless if we don’t…

4. Talk it Over: We are all called to GO and make disciples of all Nations, baptizing them and then what…?

Teaching them to obey all that Jesus has taught us. We need to tell others, teach them about Jesus and then Talk it Over within a safe, intimate, loving community. The ultimate purpose of community, and the hospitality that we extend to others, is to see changed lives.

So, therefore we need to go and we need to be good hosts.

  • To have God’s Heart for People,
  • To Open your Homes,
  • To Serve People wherever you see a need, and
  • To Talk about Jesus wherever you may GO.

Hospitality is about how we GREETSEAT and TREAT our visitors, strangers, or even our own family – Anyone that comes into our home. Our Welcome Team (greeters, ushers, info desk, hospitality teams) need to be trained in the simple art of hospitality; in our openness, as we smile and greet people, through our warmth and caring attitudes, as we supply direction and information with clarity and kindness.

Are you being a good host? Are you being a good steward of those that Jesus has entrusted to you?

Originally posted in COTN Voices 

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